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Private Dance Lessons

Dance By Julz offers private dance lessons for individuals or couples who want to learn a specific dance style, improve their technique, or prepare for a special event. Our experienced instructors will personalize each lesson to meet your goals and skill level. Available in the convinience and privacy of your own home, or a local dance studio.

Wedding Dance Choreography

Let Dance By Julz help you create a memorable wedding dance that reflects your unique style and personality. Julz will work with you to create a dance that suits your chosen song and tells your love story. Packages include personalized lessons and choreography.

Zumba & Group Fitness

Join our dynamic Zumba and fitness group classes for an electrifying fusion of dance and exercise! Led by our expert instructor, this class combines the exhilarating rhythms with targeted fitness routines to deliver a comprehensive workout experience. Feel the energy as you groove to international beats and engage in body-toning exercises that enhance strength, flexibility, and cardio endurance. Whether you're a dance enthusiast or a fitness beginner, our classes offer a supportive and vibrant community to help you achieve your health goals while having a blast. Get ready to sweat, smile, and transform yourself.

Kids Dance & Creative Movement

Kids and Toddler Dance Classes – where little ones embark on a magical journey of movement, creativity, and fun! Our carefully crafted classes are designed to nurture your child's love for music and movement, while fostering essential developmental skills. 

Our toddler classes are a delightful introduction to the world of dance. Through playful activities and imaginative games, they develop motor skills, coordination, and social interaction in a nurturing environment. Creative movement and age-appropriate routines allow them to blossom as they groove to their own beat.

Our kids classes offer an exciting blend of various dance styles. These sessions not only teach fundamental techniques but also encourage confidence, self-expression, and teamwork. With engaging choreography and upbeat music, children build a strong foundation in dance while building friendships that last a lifetime.

Witness your child's smiles, giggles, and graceful steps as they embark on a beautiful dance journey filled with laughter and growth.

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